Is Action II Petit Lady convenient and safe?

Petit Lady noninvasively treats various medical conditions concerning vaginal tissues. Action II Petit Lady - a 2940 nm Er:YAG laser device - is known for its quick and pain-free treatment. In comparison with other aesthetic gynecology systems using the CO2 laser, Petit Lady is much safer because it is unlikely to lead to tissue necrosis or carbonization.

What can be expected from the Petit Lady treatment?

Petit Lady treatment delivers a wide range of benefits to affected females. It tightens the vaginal tissues, rejuvenates the vulva, and enhances the appearance of pigmented vulvae. You can enjoy a younger look and feel of your vagina. In addition, it reduces the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

How many treatment sessions are recommended?

The number of treatment sessions will be decided when treatment goals are clarified during the consultation process. Generally speaking, patients are recommended to receive 3 sessions with a 2-week interval in-between. Not only you but also your partner can feel the clinical effectiveness after the treatment.

What is the expected length of the downtime?

There is no downtime. You can go back to your normal daily life right after the treatment. There is no feeling of discomfort and no need for medication. Even sexual activities can be resumed a day after the treatment. It is not necessary for you to tell your partner that you had a laser treatment on your vagina.

How long will it take to complete the Petit Lady treatment?

This medical procedure can be as short as 15-30 minutes, and is carried out in the privacy and comfort of your chosen clinic.

When is the best time to receive Petit Lady treatment?

In premenopausal women, Petit Lady treatment is recommended either before or after menstruation. For postmenopausal women, treatment can be performed at any time.

Is Petit Lady beneficial to those who have had a caesarean?

Yes, it is because your vagina is affected by the fact that you were pregnant rather than the type of delivery. Many women assume that their vaginas will stay the same, if they have had a caesarean section. In fact, their vagina is also loosened due to the pressure of carrying a baby during the pregnancy.

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