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Histology of the Vaginal Wall

The epidermal mucosal component is thicker, denser and more cellular with less keratin. The lamina propria shows a much more dense arrangement of connective tissue. Taken together, these findings suggest tightening and firming of the vaginal wall.

Elastica van Giesen stain X 100, Age: 38 years

Courtesy of Dr.Min Seok Lee, Gynecologist, Sophie-Marceau Women’s Clinic S.Korea

Dual mode (Dual Pass Technique)

Maximize clinical efficacy: Precise epithelium ablation and photothermal effect with multiple micropulses, which is followed by the nonablative 1000 ms long pulse mode to stimulate collagenesis of the vaginal mucosa.

First Step: Multiple micropulses

Second Step : Long pulse

User-friendly GUI

● Intuitive GUI enables easy set-up of parameters before and during treatment.
● The easy-to-use GUI enhances the efficiency of your treatment procedure.

Petit handpieces

* Petit handpieces are patent & design pending.

Patient–friendly procedures with various handpieces for multiple indications in cosmetic gynecology and aesthetic dermatology.

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